Financial Support

Financial Support

Below you will find a few suggestions and opportunities for potential funding to cover the costs of certification.


You may want to look into the possibility of financial support from your hospital or employer. If your employer is funding your certification (in full or in part), be sure to submit the total amount with your online application.

Each year, CNA gives a health-care facility the Employer Recognition Award for showing exemplary, sustained support of the certification program and CNA-certified registered nurses. Learn more about eligibility details, past winners and how you can nominate your employer.

Please note: Financial incentives are also available for employers.

Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF)

CNF awards at least one bursary per nursing specialty to successful certification candidates. The award will cover the cost of the initial or renewal certification application fee.

To apply or for more information, visit the CNF website or call 613-680-0879.

Marie Marques Certification Award

CNA is pleased to announce the Marie Marques Certification Award, which will be established to provide financial assistance to nurses in Canada pursuing CNA certification in any area of specialty. This award recognizes Marie’s leadership and dedication in the field of nursing and her passion for certification.

CNA will encourage nurses to apply for the award after it is fully established. The award will reimburse the fees (excluding taxes and test centre fee) for a certification exam or a certification renewal by exam or continuous learning.

CNA’s partner, CNF, will administer this merit-based award in perpetuity. The award will be funded through an endowed gift fund that can be contributed to at any time.

Individuals and organizations interested in making a contribution to the Marie Marques Certification Award in support of nursing certification can visit CNF’s website or contact Chris McGarvey, CNF’s director of development, at or 613-680-0879, ext. 223.


Your provincial or territorial government may have funds available for nurses involved in continuous learning, certification or both. For more information, visit your province or territory’s government website or contact its chief nursing officer or nursing regulatory body.

National nursing specialty association

Some national specialty associations offer funds for nurse members pursuing initial certification or renewal. For more information, visit your national nursing specialty association website.