Renewal Process

Renewal Process

We want to make the renewal process as simple as possible. At the time of your induction as a Fellow, we will align your CNA premium membership and your Fellowship so they will be up for renewal at the same time every year.

To avoid fees and maintain your Fellowship status, we encourage you to opt into automatic renewal at the time of your next renewal if you haven’t already done so.

First year

For your first year as a Fellow, the fees you pay at the time of acceptance will extend your premium and Fellowship until December 31 of the following year.

Subsequent years

Every year, you will be able to renew starting in October until December 31. You will receive email reminder notices.

If payment is not received

If your renewal is not received by December 31, you will enter a 90-day grace period. During this time, you are still considered a Fellow and you can renew your membership and credential without penalty.

However, if you do not renew by the end of this grace period, you will be required to stop using the Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Nursing (FCAN) credential and your status will be considered lapsed.

As a lapsed Fellow, you will be eligible to reactivate your membership and Fellowship credential for up to two years by paying any outstanding fees along with a $225 reinstatement fee plus applicable taxes. After this two-year window, you will no longer be able to simply pay the reinstatement fee to reactivate your FCAN credential; you will need to go back through the Fellowship nomination process.

Please contact us if you have any questions.