Renewing Your Certification

Renewing Your Certification

“I believe certification is an important credential that shows expertise and a commitment to ongoing learning in my specialty.”

Read what certified nurses say about the value of maintaining their credential.

How to renew

Your CNA certification is valid for a five-year term. You can renew your certification credential either by submitting a list of continuous learning activities or by rewriting the certification exam. You must also meet the eligibility requirements and continue to be a practising nurse in good standing.

Read our important dates to learn when you can renew your specialty certification. If you’re ready to renew your certification, log in to your CNA account. Before renewing, you may want to learn more about the renewal requirements and the Application Process.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The following exams were retired in 2019: gastroenterology, neuroscience, orthopaedic, perianesthesia and rehabilitation.

Nurses certified in any of these five specialties can maintain their credential by renewing every five years through continuous learning only. Renewal by exam is no longer being offered.

All certifications set to expire in 2021 are due to renew.

Unable to meet the renewal eligibility requirements?

If you are unable to renew due to personal or professional reasons, you can request (before your certification expires) that your certification be declared inactive.

If you take no action, your certification will lapse. You will not be permitted to use the credentials in your practice

Missed your 2021 renewal? Late renewal is an option

If you missed the renewal deadline, late applications will be accepted the following calendar year until February 28. An additional fee of $99 will apply.

No application after February 28 will be accepted.