Memorial Book

Memorial Book

Each page of the Memorial Book describes the contributions of some of Canada’s honoured nurses, who, in service to their fellow Canadians, elevated the nursing profession and health care in this country. Recipients are selected through a nomination process. Their names are added to the book and they are honoured publicly.

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For additional information, contact CNA’s governance and corporate services coordinator.

Call for Nominations

General guidelines

In fairness to each nominee, we ask that every nominator follow these general guidelines:

  • Completed nominations must include supporting documents.
  • Each nominee will be assessed based solely on the information in their nomination form. Please do not include phrases such as “see attached C.V.” when specific information is requested.

Demographic information

You will be asked to provide your name, employer information, position, full address, telephone number and CNA membership details. You will have to provide the nominee’s name and dates of birth and death.

Summary of nominee’s contribution to nursing and to health care

You must provide one 700-word (maximum) summary that describes the nurse’s outstanding personal and professional contributions, throughout his or her life, that served as a model or example for others. Your summary could answer questions such as:

  • What contributions did this person make?
  • For whom?
  • Does this person’s life inspire you?

You must also provide a 700-word (maximum) summary for ONE of the following four eligibility criteria:

  1. The actions of this nurse that led to improvements in nursing care, health care or the health system (i.e., not necessarily creating new programs, but this individual’s consistent work, throughout his or her life, is recognized as having improved nursing and/or health care). Your summary could answer questions such as:
    • Who and how many benefited from the improvements made by this nurse?
    • How significant were the improvements?
    • How did this nurse improve nursing or health care?
  2. This nurse is recognized as a leader in his or her community, institution and/or professional associations. Your summary could answer questions such as:
    • What leadership characteristics did this nurse demonstrate?
    • What leadership activities has he or she perform?
    • Were his/her leadership activities worthy of recognition by the Canada’s national nursing association?
  3. The activities of this individual have furthered the nursing profession, through the improvement of the public perception and image of nursing, and/or advancements in nursing education, administration, research, practice or advocacy. Your summary could answer questions such as:
    • How did this individual change the public perception of nursing?
    • Can the change be attributed specifically to the actions of this nurse?
    • Was the change significant?
  4. This nurse has made a significant contribution to nursing internationally or to the health status of other nations, either through his or her participation in international organizations (e.g., ICN, WHO, Red Cross) or through international practice. Your summary should answer questions such as:
    • Was this individual’s contribution at the international level significant?
    • What was special about his or her international work?
    • Were his or her contributions above and beyond those of others in similar positions?

Supporting documents

Please note that you will also be asked upload the following:

  • Biographical information on the candidate and/or his or her curriculum vitae.
  • A 150-word (maximum) description of the candidate’s contribution to nursing and health care. This text will be used for the memorial book. CNA will provide translation.
  • A photograph of the candidate, if available, with copyright permission, in jpg/jpeg format. The photo is for public recognition only during the biennial convention.

Privacy Policy: Personal information that is collected will be used only for processing nominations and related followup.