Continuing Education

Continuing Education

CNA has an over 100-year history of providing credible continuing professional development programs to build nursing practice. Our goal is to cultivate and sustain excellence in all areas of nursing, including practice, education, research, policy-making and administration.

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  • CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses: Bringing the Code to Life
  • Suicide: Facing the Difficult Topic Together — Empowering Nurses, Instilling Hope in Patients (2 CNA-accredited hours)

Please note that the MAID and cultural competence online learning modules are being updated and will be available again when completed.

Why do nurses need to ensure their knowledge is current?

Nurses are accountable for providing competent care, which means they must maintain and continuously enhance the knowledge, skills, attitude and judgment required to meet client needs in an evolving health-care system.


The CNA Accreditation Program upholds standards of quality for continuing professional development for nurses in Canada.


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