Open Letters

Open Letters


Letter of support for recommendations submitted by the Canadian Cancer Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada for Bill S-5, an act to amend the Tobacco Act and the Non-smokers’ Health Act and to make consequential amendments to other acts


An Open letter to Minister Jane Philpott on Bill C-37, An Act to Amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Other Acts


An Open Letter to the Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Health on the New Health Accord

CNA urges Council of the Federation to use Health in All Policies approach to address impacts of climate change [PDF, 114 KB]


A letter from CNA president Karima Velji to Prime Minister Trudeau on UN climate change conference in Paris [PDF, 95.5 KB]

CNA asks new government to send a clear signal on health to Canadians [PDF, 95.8 KB]

Congratulatory letter to prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau [PDF, 164.5 KB]

International Women’s Day, March 8 [PDF, 153.2 KB]

CNA asks for federal Industry Minister James Moore’s support on Bill C-626 to reinstate Canada’s long-form census [PDF, 893.5 KB]


A letter from CNA president Barb Mildon for National Nursing Week [PDF, 170.3 KB]

In celebration of International Women’s Day [PDF, 174.1 KB]


CNA signs joint letter to federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay to oppose the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act (mental disorders) [PDF, 299.1 KB]

Short-sighted cuts to Health Council of Canada threaten health-care transformation [PDF, 84.1 KB]

CNA and the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses acknowledge World Health Day by urging the minister of health to implement a sodium reduction strategy for Canada [PDF, 124.1 KB]

CNA urges the minister of health to consult with health-care providers and Canadians before licensing for-profit plasma donation centres [PDF, 79.4 KB]

CNA celebrates International Women’s Day [PDF, 117 KB]


CNA urges the minister of foreign affairs to promote the human rights of an unjustly detained Bahraini nurse [PDF, 98.6 KB]

CNA writes to the King of Bahrain insisting on the investigation of abuse and the release of a detained Bahraini nurse [PDF, 58.3 KB]

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [PDF, 57.8 KB]

An open letter on RN flu immunization from CNA president Barb Mildon [PDF, 71.7 KB]

Open letter to the nursing community to celebrate the life of the late Dr. Helen Mussallem [PDF, 77.6 KB]

CNA and partners in “Dignity for All” campaign reach out to provincial and territorial finance ministers with concerns over Bill C-38 [PDF, 215.6 KB]

Aboriginal Day 2012: Working with Aboriginal health professionals towards better health [PDF, 114.6 KB]

CNA and partners urge Minister Kenney to reverse decision to reduce health benefits for refugees [PDF, 392.3 KB]


World AIDS Day, December 1, 2011 [PDF, 76.7 KB]

CNA monitors case against nurses in Bahrain [PDF, 128.9 KB]

CNA thanks CRNBC for its decades of commitment [PDF, 89.3 KB]

Open Letter - CNA offers condolences to family and colleagues of Jack Layton upon his passing [PDF, 123.4 KB]

CNA urges the minister of foreign affairs to voice Canada’s concerns over the treatment and trial of 47 medical professionals [PDF, 63.3 KB]

CNA calls for federal leadership on health-care reform [PDF, 161.9 KB]

Open Letter from CNA president Judith Shamian [PDF, 66.5 KB]

CNA’s president is urging you to get involved [PDF, 129.4 KB]

CNA President Urges you to Take action! Election 2011 [PDF, 94.6 KB]

CNA shares its health-care vision with Prime Minister Harper [PDF, 79.5 KB]

CNA commemorates International Women’s Day, 2011 [PDF, 87 KB]

CNA calls for end to female genital mutilation [PDF, 58.4 KB]


Letter to Manitoba premier on nurse practitioner-led clinics [PDF, 124.4 KB]

Open letter to Mountain Crest Brewing Company on offensive ad [PDF, 124.5 KB]

Letter to finance ministers on the next health accord [PDF, 64.2 KB]

Bill C-311, Climate Change Accountability Act, defeated in Senate [PDF, 60.6 KB]

Update on CRNBC’s withdrawal from CNA [PDF, 154.6 KB]

Nurses support Quebec for rethinking medical user fees [PDF, 42.6 KB]

CNA urges world leaders to redouble efforts on UN development goals [PDF, 90.6 KB]

CNA responds to CRNBC on its continuing commitment to withdraw from CNA membership [PDF, 102.2 KB]

Letter to Environment Canada on proposed Federal Sustainable Development Strategy [PDF, 61.6 KB]

Open letter to members from CNA president on CNA strategic renewal [PDF, 89.5 KB]

Celebrate International Nurses Day – May 12 [PDF, 97 KB]

CNA supports a nuclear weapon-free world [PDF, 58.9 KB]

CNA encourages Health Canada to involve RNs in Listeria monocytogenes policy [PDF, 40.1 KB]

CNA celebrates Earth Day by acknowledging RNs’ efforts to reduce pesticide exposure [PDF, 113.9 KB]

CRNBC votes to withdraw membership from CNA [PDF, 63.3 KB]