2014 Award Recipient

Jeanne Mance Award 2014

headshot of Lucille Auffrey

Lucille Auffrey

President, Auffrey and Associates

Lucille Auffrey is a consummate nursing leader. Over four plus decades, she played a decisive role in key areas of nursing and the health-care system, capping off a stellar career by repositioning CNA as a strong and widely respected organization.

Her vision for nursing and patient-centred care is grounded in her experience as an RN. Throughout her career, she worked to strengthen the profession. She also expanded people’s vision to help them embrace new models and opportunities and take on greater responsibilities.

Lucille has also shaped policy in health and education. She championed countless strategic initiatives such as NurseONE and the medical-surgical specialty nursing certification program. The awards bestowed upon her, including the Canadian Healthcare Association’s Award for Distinguished Service, are testament to her contributions.

Lucille obtained a bachelor of nursing from the University of New Brunswick and a master’s of science in nursing and health studies from the University of Edinburgh.