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Three steps to a safer hospital discharge: an infographic for optimal patient outcomes
Jul 26, 2021, By: Karlee Boersma
graphic of a large profile checklist with a physician to the right and 2 people assessing on the left

This infographic calls attention to the importance of effective informed discharge planning for point-of care nurses and can help them create an evidence-based process that follows the patient from admission to discharge. This infographic addresses three essential steps in the discharge process that nurses can lead to achieve a safer, more comprehensive discharge experience for their patients.

Download infographic: Three steps to a safer hospital discharge: an infographic for optimal patient outcomes [PDF, 257.2 KB]

Three steps to a safer hospital discharge: an infographic for optimal patient outcomes. Did you know? 1 in 11 patients are readmitted within a month of leaving the hospital. $2.1 billion is spent annually in Canada as a result of discharge and readmissions. A standardized, evidence-based process is critical for safe and effective person and family-centred discharge that starts on admission to the hospital. The infographic then shows a call to action and the nursing solution with the plan for IDEAL (include, discuss, educate, assess, and listen) and standardizing the process. More details in the PDF.

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Karlee Boersma, RN, BScN, MN, is a neurosurgical nurse and nurse practitioner student at the University of Windsor.
Acknowledgment to Michelle Freeman, RN, PhD, CPPS, associate professor, University of Windsor.