A new era begins for CNA’s flagship publications

May / June 2018   Comments

As CNA prepares to celebrate its 110th anniversary at the annual meeting and biennial convention in June, I’ve been reflecting on how quickly a whole year has passed since I was given the honour of taking on the CEO role. The first few months were a head-spinning experience that gave way to a pace and intensity unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Yet, it is the best job I have ever held — even on the hardest days — and a great privilege to be part of the small cohort of nurses who have been entrusted with this role.

On the hard days, we have had to make tough choices to set CNA up for long-term success and financial stability. One of those decisions means retiring the expensive-to-produce print version of Canadian Nurse and infirmière canadienne after the May/June issue and pausing production for the remainder of 2018. In my discussions with you in recent months, you have mentioned changes you’d like to see. We are acting on those now.

I want to give sincere thanks to all those who have been involved in producing the print and online versions over a long history; their dedication to the publications and to CNA are deeply appreciated.

Later this year, you will receive more information about the new digital Canadian Nurse and infirmière canadienne, which will debut in early 2019. We are so excited about launching this new format, and we’ll be seeking your ideas to help us develop this resource into a great support for your practice and career. In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide updates on our policy and practice work and on nursing news and events through CNA Now, our electronic newsletter.

The whirlwind of activity at CNA over the past year has been aimed at modernizing the organization and positioning it to be effective for the decades ahead. Change is difficult for most of us, so we remain committed to tackling only those changes that push CNA forward. And as we are doing so, we’ll continue to consult you, our members, who are the heart and soul of the association we all care so much about.

Mike Villeneuve, RN, M.Sc.

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