Apr 01, 2018

Calculations: May is Melanoma Awareness Month

3-fold: Rise in the number of melanoma cases in Canada over the last 30 years (source)

1,240: Estimated number of Canadians who were expected to die from melanoma in 2017 (source)

~90%: Percentage of melanomas that are preventable (source)

80-90%: Approximate percentage of skin cancers caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation (source)

1 in 40: Lifetime risk of getting melanoma among Caucasians (source)

8 cents: Average cost per capita for UV radiation education and prevention (source)

$5.70: Average cost per capita to treat skin cancer (source)

7%: Percentage of melanomas among new cancers found in 15- to 29-year-olds (source)

20%: Increased risk of developing melanoma among those who have used a tanning bed at least once (source)

55%: Percentage of university students in 16 countries who had been exposed to indoor tanning (source)

2009: Year in which Brazil became the first country to ban the trade and use of tanning beds (source)

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