Sep 01, 2017

Calculations: Oct. 16-20 is National Infection Control Week

8,000: Number of Canadians who die from hospital-acquired infections each year (source)

220,000: Number of additional Canadians who get hospital-acquired infections each year (source)

1 in 10: Number of patients worldwide who get an infection while receiving care in hospital or other care facilities (source)

>50%: Percentage of surgical site infections worldwide that can be antibiotic resistant (source)

≥30%: Percentage reduction in health-care-associated infections with effective prevention and control measures (source)

70%: Percentage of health-care workers worldwide who do not routinely practise hand hygiene (source)

50%: Percentage of surgical teams worldwide who comply with hand hygiene best practices (source)

20%-30%: Percentage of the Canadian general public who carry Staph bacteria on their hands or in their noses but are not ill (source)

60%-90%: Percentage of alcohol required in alcohol-based hand rubs for proper hand hygiene (source)

>15: Number of seconds one needs to rub their hands when washing with soap and running water (source)

1988: Year Infection Control Week was launched (source)

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