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September / October 2017   Comments
Marc Bourgeois

Welcome to the September/October issue of Canadian Nurse. I hope you enjoyed our first summer issue, which reflected on CNA’s and the profession’s history.

As the editorial team was planning the fall issue, it was obvious that we had to focus on nursing students. With Labour Day approaching, how could we not think of school?

My neighbour just began her second year of nursing school. She is very enthusiastic and looking forward to a great career. In chatting with her, she mentioned that while nursing students appreciate the comprehensive, world-renowned education offered in Canada, they yearn to learn more about the profession itself, outside of the classroom and work placements.

That is why CNA is beginning an initiative to reach out directly to students, with the support of our member association the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA). Through various communication tools and an increased presence at CNSA’s national conference, CNA hopes to discuss not only nursing issues but also government relations and advocacy, how to write research papers and our many resources, such as the newly updated Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses.

We highlight the Code in this issue. You can also read about CNSA’s plans to work with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing to update the curriculum around global and LGBTQ health issues, as well as the leadership opportunities CNSA provides.

In the Last Word, you’ll hear from an Ontario nursing student who will lobby federal health minister Jane Philpott to have nursing students paid during clinical placements. Also on the political front, read about a standing committee on official languages meeting that focused on the French version of the NCLEX-RN entry-to-practice exam and preparatory resources.

But education doesn’t stop with entry to practice. As a fresh round of CNA certification in Canada starts up, and excitement builds for a neonatal exam beginning next spring, we introduce you to a CNA certification pilot project in Dubai, which has resulted in Abu Dhabi signing an agreement to bring specialty certification to the United Arab Emirates.

I wish you much success in your studies and in your work. I do not need to wish you luck, because your success will be due to your commitment, intellect and ‎abilities.

Marc Bourgeois

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