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CNA resources on infectious diseases + emergency preparedness — links to Ebola information from CNA’s jurisdictional members and partners and other health-care stakeholders (ongoing)

Immunization Fluency for Health-Care Workers — knowledge feature (2013)

Influenza Immunization: Issues for Nurses — webinar (2013)

Emergency Preparedness and Response — position statement (2012)

Influenza Immunization of Registered Nurses — position statement (2012)

Learn How to Help During International Emergencies — webinar (2011)

Canada’s Pandemic Preparedness: Brief to the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology (2010)

Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses — contains a section on ethical considerations for nurses in a natural or human-made disaster, communicable disease outbreak or pandemic (2008)

Nurses’ Ethical Considerations in a Pandemic or Other Emergency — from the Ethics in Practice for Registered Nurses series (2008)

CNA Brief to the National Advisory Committee on SARS and Public Health (2003)

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